The Sea Vaporiser

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GoBots Color and Activity Book
The Sea Vaporiser
Publisher Western Publishing Company
First published 1985

Can you help the Guardians save the oceans?


Beamer is in the Command Center on Earth's Moon, playing games on the ship's Space Scanner when an alarm sounds. Leader-1 notices that Earth has been surrounded by a huge cloud of steam, and sent Guide Star to investigate. The Guardian found that a laser beam was boiling the oceans, and followed it to the source - Thruster. He is able to report this back to the Command Center before being cut off. Leader-1 set off to investigate. Cy-Kill tried to throw him off by using a Space Mirage Projector to block Leader-1's path but the Guardian was able to navigate the obstacle and find a space station where the Renegades were using a giant lens to focus the sun's rays and direct them at Earth, planning to make it uninhabitable for the humans. Spotting Leader-1, Cy-Kill attempts to shoot him down but Leader-1 manages to neutralise the beam. Instead Cy-Kill sends Pow Wow and Crasher to fight him - however, Leader-1 dodges their attacks and the pair collide. He then freed Guide Star and blew out one of Cy-Kill's tyres. The Guardians then destroyed the lens, saving Earth from dehydration.

Featured characters[edit]

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