The Long Game

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20th Anniversary GoBots Summer Special
"The Long Game"
Publisher Fun Publications
First published December 21, 2015
Writer Jim Sorenson

Cy-Kill takes a risk in order to further his plans.


After Leader-1's gambit with the Astro Beam and sorium destroyed his Zod fleet, Cy-Kill struggled to rebuild his operation. The vast majority of his forces (including Crasher and Cop-Tur) were locked away on the Prison Moon of GoBotron. Still, some Renegades remained at large and succeeded in bringing his experimental new flagship Roguestar online. Cy-Kill made the daring decision to allow himself to be captured by the Guardians, in order to free his men from inside the Prison Moon.

Cy-Kill allowed his Thruster to be seen near Galleon by a pair of Command Centers. He fought back fiercely at first to make the ruse convincing, destroying one Command Center and wounding Mach-3 in the process. After that, he let his Thruster be disabled and surrendered to the five remaining Guardians who boarded his vessel. Still, he activated Thruster's self-destruct before being fully restrained, injuring Dozer and Dumper as well. From then, it was on to the Prison Moon...and victory!

Featured characters[edit]

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  • Information about this story comes from Cy-Kill as a guest columnist for "Ask Vector Prime" on October 17, 2015, and from a subsequent post on the traditional "Ask Vector Prime" column on December 21.
    • In-universe, this story is intended to bridge the gap between the Challenge of the GoBots episodes "The Final Conflict" and "Cy-Kill's Escape". At the end of the pilot mini-series, most of the Renegades were in custody while Cy-Kill was lost alone in space. "The GoBotron Saga" which followed began with Cy-Kill imprisoned with the rest of the Renegades. These events were referenced by the Cy-Kill of the Renegade Rhetoric timeline.
    • Out of universe, Vector Prime explained this story originates as a comic book from a "real world" reality where the Transformers franchise collapsed in the 1980s and GoBots became the decades-spanning media empire. Parallel to our own history, Dreamwave Publications received the license for GoBots comics in 2001. This story was published on July 8, 2004 in the 20th Anniversary GoBots Summer Special.

Continuity notes[edit]

  • Perhaps by design, the Guardians present in this story are among the more obscure. Dumper and Bullseye only appeared in single episode in the cartoon, while Pumper never appeared at all. Any injuries they suffered fighting Cy-Kill here could also explain their absence from "The GoBotron Saga".