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The Techno Planet is an artificial world created by the Machine Robo. After their arrival on Earth drew the attention of the Devil Invaders from the Casmo Zone, the Machine Robo built the planet with help from their human allies to avoid that world becoming a battleground. It is packed with sources of Romtron and Ionoid energy in order to tempt the raiders, who then find themselves up against the full array of the Machine Robo's firepower.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo[edit | edit source]

The surface of the Techno Planet

When a Star Gate opened above the Techno Planet the Machine Robo scrambled to battle stations to face a huge swarm of Casmodon, Falgos and Zarios Devil Invaders. Falcon Robo, Fairchild Robo, Limousine Robo, City Turbo II Robo and Blackbird Robo began cutting through the invaders while donning the new Battle Armor 5 Battle Suit System; backed up by Land Commander 5, the giant robot was able to seal the Star Gate and end the assault. Battle Armor 5

Mashin Robo!

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