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Notes & Questions[edit source]

Article should be accurate but not exhaustive. Jiminy it's hard to find packaging pictures of this line.

  • Spoiler is listed as getting a 1983 release by The-Liberator but there's no gap in the numbers for one of those unless it was #25.
  • Appears to have omitted the same initial figures as Europe - Pumper, Screw Head, Flytrap, Small Foot, black Cy-Kill, orange BuggyMan. Do not seem to have received the "late" European releases Blaster, Spoiler, Apollo, Street Heat.
  • Again as Europe no Thruster/Scales?
  • Did use Tonka versions of Battle Armor 5, but not named as Courageous/Grungy.
  • Unlike in Europe, Honda ATC released as a Wincher despite no winch. Like in Europe seem to have been released ahead of and instead of Secret Riders.
  • Same South Claw/Weird Wing name swap as Europe.
  • Super Machine Men Series 1 seems to be same selection as European Super GoBots Series 1. Yet to find any proof of earlier releases of any of the ScaleRobo DX moulds, so no confirmation on Destroyer or Psycho. Also like Europe do not seem to have got Defendor - small parts choking hazard?
  • Do not seem to have received Night Fright, Raizor or Super Couper.
  • Winch Truck and Winch Helicopter advertised in catalogues but no confirmed packaged examples to firmly establish name and/or assortment so left off for now.
  • Ditto Super Machine Men (i.e. GoDaiKin overstock)
  • Do not seem to have received Fossilsaurus.

Love to hear more from anyone with information. Carry-All (talk) 14:57, 2 November 2021 (UTC)

  • Also no idea on the Dread Launchers. Carry-All (talk) 16:18, 2 November 2021 (UTC)