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Mutante & Convert[edit]

Googling around there seems to be a mild controversy - if it's not absurd to call arguing over GoBots a controversy - over whether these lines are impossible. The-Liberator, which seems to be the best-researched GoBots site out there at the moment, regards them as knock-off lines; STA and what I can dig up via the Wayback Machine for Counter-X regard them as official. Neither really argues the case.

My line of thinking is:
1) they deserve some sort of reference here, if nothing else to hopefully draw out someone with more information on the lines who can maybe offer a firm answer
2) it's going to be a lot less messy and more responsible to have them here with a "maybe, maybe not" tone to the text and then if we find out it's official create articles on them than to create articles on them and delete them if they turn out to be KO lines.

Carry-All (talk) 21:36, 1 December 2021 (UTC)