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Trying something to get the ARCO figures in some shape. Links to boxed versions only.

Figure Pre-GoBots GoBots Robo Machine Renegade Rhetoric Mattel Rogun
1985: View Bot 1985: Binoculars 1985: Binoculars collage only
Cap pistol.jpg
Ro-Gun RGX1 Ro-Gun Cap Pistol ? Pistol
Ro-Gun RGX-V1 Ro-Gun Cap Rifle ? Group name? Blazer
Ro-Gun Hot Chamber Cap-Rifle & Robo-Scope Cap-Rifle & Robo-Scope ? Rifle? and Scope
? Desk-Bot ? N/A
"Something NOT Ro-Gun" Destroyer ? Destroyer unconfirmed ? Collage only
Water Pistol - France Ro-Gun Water Pistol ? Squirt Blastar
? ? Water Rifle N/A

Not entirely sure who Rifle in Renegade Rhetoric is from reading the entry.Carry-All (talk) 13:27, 21 December 2021 (UTC)

The Cannon and Water Rifle both came out under Robotech; I wonder if the licences overlapped? Because a solid explanation would be that ARCO's deal with Tonka expired before they signed with Harmony Gold and that Cannon & Water Rifle (and possibly the Aircraft Carrier?) simply weren't finished before the deal changed - and perhaps the deal with Bandai in Europe was different, leading to the Water Rifle (or it was dumped overstock Tonka didn't want?). Destroyer might have fallen through the gaps and been nixed by the GoBots licence not being renewed. Lots of mights and maybes, more thinking out loud to see if anything crystallises. Carry-All (talk) 16:39, 21 December 2021 (UTC)