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Takada is the head of an industrial complex in Japan.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Naoki Imamura

Takada tempted fate by inviting Machine Robo Rescue's Red Wings to the floating complex for a drill. To make matters worse they were being trailed by the ratings-thirsty Charmy Sato, who felt a drill would be too boring. He bullied Takada into deactivating the base's fire safety systems and faking an emergency, though thanks to Ace's over-acting it didn't fool anyone apart from Musashi Miyajima. Unfortunately for Takada, Charmy had memorised the process for turning off the system and did it again, planning to get footage of Ace tackling a small blaze. Unfortunately a Gura Gorro chose that moment to attack, quickly causing real fires. Fortunately for Takada, Red Wings eventually put the fire out, while equipment mishaps destroyed Charmy's footage of what was probably a sackable offence. Industrial Complex Panic!