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Steve Ditko (born November 2, 1927, died June 29, 2018) was an American comics artist and writer. He co-created Spider-Man with Stan Lee before doing acclaimed work on Doctor Strange that's the reason why Doctor Strange is a film people have seen and Doctor Droom isn't. He left Marvel in 1966 in circumstances that are still debated but probably involved the usual pattern of an artist asking for slightly more pay than they'd been getting in the fifties and thus getting on Stan The Man's bad side.

He spent the rest of his career flitting around, with some long spells at DC mixed with freelancing, and by the 1980s took work that was some way below him to fund less commercial projects (thus getting commissions from Western Publishing Company) while not receiving much in the way of royalties for his work on Spider-Man or establishing himself as a genial pop-culture talking head who couldn't possibly be a mendacious huckster.

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