Scylla and Charybdis

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Renegade Rhetoric is a virtual continuation of Challenge of the GoBots via text stories.
Renegade Rhetoric Episode 47
Cy-Kill's presented order
"Scylla and Charybdis"
Publisher Fun Publications
First published January 28, 2016
Written by Jim Sorenson

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...


During a raid on the subaquatic Charybdis Labs, Cy-Kill and the Renegades triggered an explosion. Scylla-Waves erupted into the seas, allowing sea creatures to telepathically communicate with other lifeforms. A massive humpback whale called Leviathan led an army of whales and dolphins to oppose Guardian and Renegade alike for their pollution of the oceans. A smooth-talking Cy-Kill managed to convince Leviathan the Renegades were on his side, and their new alliance drove the Guardians, UNECOM, and humanity in general from above and below the seas.

Scooter and Anya Turgenova discovered the means of modifying the Scylla-Waves so the telepathic channel would only allow honest communication, removing Cy-Kill's ability to lie to Leviathan. Dive-Dive and the Guardians returned to Charybdis Labs to activate the changes, fighting through Cy-Kill's Renegades in the process. Once they were successful, Cy-Kill sunk his own plans by openly admitting his deception and malevolence to Leviathan. The Renegades were expelled from the water, and a new peace was developed between the land and seas.

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  • Challenge of the GoBots Season 2 was a virtual continuation of the original show related by Vector Prime (from his multiversal perspective) and Cy-Kill (who lived it).
    • In realities where this story aired on television, it premiered on November 18, 1986.
  • This episode title was first released in an Ask Vector Prime post on December 21, 2015.

Continuity notes[edit]