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Emperor Maximus was the emperor of Rome. He had a laconic approach to his job.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: Currently unknown, can you help?

When the Renegades travelled back in time via the Chronos Time Transporter to Ancient Rome in 217BC they were mistaken for gods by the eager General Commodus, who paraded them and the defeated Guardians in front of the Emperor. However, after Matt Hunter and Nick Burns were able to win a gladiator match and were allowed a favour by the Emperor they chose for the Renegades and Guardians to fight again. While the battered Guardians were no match for the Renegades they were able to escape thanks to a smokescreen laid by Turbo and a hologram projected by Scooter. This was enough for Cy-Kill to lose his patience, and he deposed Maximus so he could rule instead. With the help of Marcus, a patriotic blacksmith who disbelieved the Renegades' proclaimed god status, the Guardians and their human friends were able to expose the Renegades as false gods and return them to their own time, with Maximus returning to power. Time Wars


  • There were two Roman Emperors in 217BC - Caracalla, who was murdered in a conspiracy, and Macrinus, who was murdered in another conspiracy the following year. The Emperor in "Time Wars" bears no resemblance to either of them, obviously.