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Robot Winch Truck, sometimes known as Winch Truck, is a Guardian, in all probability.


Machine Men mini-comics[edit]

During a battle between the Friendly Machine Men and Enemy Machine Men on Earth, Winch Truck was called in as reinforcements. However, he had the Enemy Helicopter Wincher and the Battle Base, piloted by Vamp, bearing down on him, The Combat and the former was able to blast Winch Truck before he could finish converting to robot mode. Challenge of the Machine Men



Robo Machine[edit]

  • Robot Winch Truck (1985)
    • Accessories: large gun, small gun
Robot Winch Truck was released by Bandai in Robo Machine, and converts from robot to Toyota New Hilux 4x4 truck. The toy was a repackaging of Toyota New Hilux 4WD from Zenmai Kahen Winch Robo. It features an electric motor and working winch in vehicle mode; the figure can also "walk" in robot mode, though it's more of a judder. The Hilux mode meanwhile has very grippy rubber tyres, and it does have good traction. While the toy has good shoulder articulation the mechanics mean his legs are a huge solid block. Due to his size and sturdiness lots of Robo Winch Trucks survive today, albeit with variable electronics. However, as it one of the largest toys in the range - around the same height as a Power Warrior - postage is the killer, and despite being fairly large the guns are often missing as there's nowhere to stow them in vehicle mode.


  • Robot Winch Truck had no faction on his toy release, but was featured as a Friendly Machine Man - the equivalent of the Guardians - in the Machine Men mini-comics.
  • The toy was not selected by Tonka for release as part of GoBots; Bandai instead licensed it to Mattel in the USA, who issued it as the PowerBots figure Towbot.