Rib Cage

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Rib Cage is a good Rock Lord from the planet Quartex. He is one of the Fossil Lords and forms part of Fossilsaurus.



Rock Lords[edit]

Rib Cage was initially planned to be released as part of the Fossil Lord combiner for the Rock Lords toyline, being advertised in several catalogues. He formed the upper torso of the combined fossil-dinosaur form. However the toy was not ultimately released. Instead the moulds were retooled and recoloured before being issued as Gattai Saurer (with Rib Cage becoming Abarar) in the Machine Robo: Battle Hackers toyline in Japan, which was in turn imported to Europe as Fossilsaurus for Robo Machine (where Rib Cage was named, imaginatively, as 'Torso').
*Not available in stores

This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.