Restraining Bolt

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A Restraining bolt is an item of equipment used by both the Guardians and the Renegades. It not only restricts the arms of a prisoner but also disables their weaponry and ability to convert to vehicle mode. Basically the same as a Neural Lock.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

After 'defecting' to the Guardians in their attempts to find the location the captured Cy-Kill was being held, Fitor and Geeper-Creeper were fitted with restraining bolts by order of Leader-1 when they responded to mysterious occurrences at Elba. However, as the occurrence was the escape of Cy-Kill the pair were soon freed by their real leader. Escape from Elba Fitor got to wear one again when he himself was captured, though he still made a spirited attempt to kill his guards and himself by trying to force the Command Center to crash. Fitor to the Finish During his short-lived stint as Overlord of GoBotron, Cy-Kill had the seditious Turbo, Blaster and Van Guard bound in restraining bolts. Clutch of Doom Zero later used restraining bolts on the captured Turbo and Crasher. The Third Column