Renegade Detector

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The Renegade Detector is an item of scanning technology created by UNECOM.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

General Newcastle proudly presented the new Renegade Detector to the Guardians on Earth. However, the machine went off in the presence of Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter. The Guardian commander promptly derided the thing as defective and smashed it, to the insulted surprise of Newcastle. Little did he know that the device had worked perfectly and that the trio of rude Guardians were in fact Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur using Dr. Go's new Holographic Image Inducers and that the vandalism was merely the start of the Renegades' plans to discredit the Guardians and leave them unopposed to conquer Earth. Tarnished Image