Quasi-Sonic Renegade Detection Unit

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The Quasi-Sonic Renegade Detection Unit is a device created by Professor Von Joy.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Professor Von Joy worked on the Quasi-Sonic Renegade Detection Unit at the UNECOM Science Facility after upgrading the Power Suits. However, the device still needed work as it identified Nick Burns as a Renegade, irritating its' inventor. Nick later tested it again but it identified Scooter as a Renegade; unknown to the cadet it was actually working incredibly well, picking up on Renegade brainwashing. Before Nick could put two and two together Cy-Kill sent Crasher and Pincher to kill him; however, the gambit backfired as Leader-1 was able to save him and quickly realised there was definitely something up. Good work, Cy-Kill. Despite this success the Quasi-Sonic Renegade Detection Unit was - naturally - never seen again. It's the Thought that Counts