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A Neural Lock is a device used by Renegades to paralyse foes. Basically a different-looking version of Restraining Bolts.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

The Renegades used Neural Locks to disable Guardians they captured and replaced with robot copies - starting with Leader-1. The captured Guardians were kept disabled on the Moon of Shadows until they were found and released by Small Foot, Scooter, Matt, A.J., and Nick. Doppelganger They later used the devices again as part of their plan to kidnap the psychic Mira Shaw, using them to disable Leader-1 and Turbo, capturing the former along with Matt. However Scooter, A.J. and Nick were able to knock the unit off Turbo, and they were able to rescue their friends and foil the Renegades, in part due to them deciding to use Loco as a getaway vehicle for no reason. Renegade Carnival


  • Either both episodes using the same name was a coincidence, or it's one of those rarest of beasts - a successful continuity reference in Challenge of the GoBots.
  • That said let's not get too excited, as they look different in each episode.