Nazca Lines

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The Nazca Lines are a geographical feature in Peru on Earth.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

As part of his plan to make sure his fearsome Dark Heart antimatter weapon would be bequeathed to a similarly evil genius, the Evil One created the Nazca Lines as the final clue. Some 6000 years later when the UNECOM-affiliated Doctor Cunningham found a drone from the Evil One's ship in Ecuador information gleaned from its' computer banks and a leap on insight from Matt Hunter led the Guardians to investigate the Nazca Lines and find the Evil One's tomb - unaware that Cunningham was in the pay of the Renegades and had also informed Cy-Kill. In Search of Ancient GoBonauts


  • The Nazca Lines are a real feature of Peru, and also a staple of pseudoscience such as the "Ancient Astronauts" theory that inspired much of the episode, partly due to the contested belief that they could only have been created to be seen from the sky. Challenge of the GoBots' stab at explaining the phenomena isn't the craziest theory to get attached to the lines.