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Narlizard is a Narlie from Quartex who fights for the Evil Rock Lords. Only Narligator is more violent among the Narlies, and the pair are given to attacking any Rock Lords in the area, Good or Evil.


Rock Lord Narlizard toy.jpg

Rock Lords[edit]


  • Narlizard (1986)
    • Accessories: none
Narlizard was released in the first series of Rock Lords Narlies by Tonka. As a Narlie, the toy doesn't actually convert; instead pushing it along a flat surface causes the head and limbs to bob up and down. As the name suggests, Narlizard's body features parts modelled on a lizard. Like the other first series Narlies, the reverse of the card features a Collector Card.
  • Like the other Narlies, Narlizard was not released in Japan.

Robo Machine[edit]


  • Narlinurtle (1986)
    • Accessories: none
In Europe, Rock Lords was a subline of Robo Machine. Narlizard was issued by Bandai in 1986 with no significant changes - aside from the name being changed.
Powerful Living Rocks!
Powerful Living Rocks!

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