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Nanagahake is a small town in an isolated, mountainous area of Japan.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

A young resident of Nanagahake named Hisashi was slated for crucial medical procedures but storms cut the town off from the main roads. As a result Machine Robo Rescue were asked to undertake the transport. However, as the bulk of the cadets had just received a round of medical shots all were unfit, except Ace (whose veins were too thin) and Ken (who had faked sickness to get out of it). Ken had planned to quit MRR but went along with Ace in Wing Liner anyway. They got through fine, though Hisashi proved to be a lot more energetic than expected and was further complicated when Stealth Robo and Jay arrived, starting a forest fire. Fire Robo attempted to fight both but was overwhelmed until the arrival of Drill Robo. Hyper Fire Robo was then able to bring the flames under control before Hisashi was collected and taken to hospital. Ken's Rescue Spirit!