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Mrs. Utada is a human from Japan, motther to Blue Sirens members Susumu and Tsuyoshi and wife to Masayoshi.

She lives in Tokyo with her husband.


Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

She generally tried to keep out of the whole wrestling thing and was more open to her sons' decision to join Machine Robo Rescue than her husband. The idea of having another girl around the house delighted her when Alice joined the twins on a weekend visit, though she soon realised Alice was just as enthusiastic about wrestling and violence as the boys. She later informed the trio of Masayoshi being injured by a crane, and they saved him with the aid of Gyro Robo. Finished! Triple Tornado Along with her husband, she was an enthusiastic member of the audience at MRR's open day And Taiyoh is Fine! and graduation. Fly, MRR!

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  • She is never named in the show, and while Saeko Homura means all bets are off this Wiki is choosing to refer to her as "Mrs. Utada" rather than the cumbersome "Mother of Susumu and Tsuysoshi" seeing as it is probably her name.