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Kids' Meal
First published 1986
Writer Uncredited
Illustrator Uncredited
Page count 3

Moon Madness..


Leader-1, Guide Star and Sky Fly square off against Cy-Kill, Odd Ball and Breez on the Moon. The Renegade leader produces a Magnetizing Ray Gun and prepares to attack an unsuspecting Leader-1 with the device. Thankfully Guide Star spots this perfidy, transforms to robot mode and kicks a passing meteor into the back of Cy-Kill's head, forcing a Renegade retreat to Thruster. Leader-1 thanks his handicapable colleague, who modestly credits the meteorite for the Guardian victory.

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)


  • This mini-comic was presented on the packaging of Wendy's Kid's Meals during their GoBots promotion. Also squeezed onto the cardboard was a "Space Maze" whereby one has to guide Leader-1 back to Earth and a coupon for a rebate of $2.50 each against purchases of Tork, Tri-Trak, Twister, Chaos, Re-Volt and/or Traitor.
  • The strip bears no credits but Golden Books were involved in the other literature in the campaign, so they may have been behind this too.