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Monroe is on the right.

Monroe is a human law enforcement officer.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

Voice actor: ?

Monroe and his partner were lazing in their blocky patrol car near a NASA facility when Scooter and Nick raced past them, having just discovered Doctor Braxis was working with the Renegades. The pair fired up the roof, engaging in a painfully slow speed pursuit despite Monroe's assessment that Scooter was going "over a hundred". To avoid his friend losing his driving permit, Scooter switched to robot mode and simply flew away. As they watched, Monroe's partner asked him if he wanted to report the encounter; Monroe demurred. The pair were later part of the police dragnet sent by General Newcastle after Matt Hunter phoned NASA attempting to clear his name for the destruction of the Intrepid; however, Turbo and A.J. appeared out of nowhere to save him. After watching the Guardian tear away into the distance, Monroe's partner opined that they should switch to the day shift, to which he agreed. Target Earth