Machine Robo Wedge

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Machine Robo Wedge
Publisher Million Publishing
Published in Japan
First published October 2005
ISBN 4813020224
UPC 9784813020226
Page count 111

Machine Robo Wedge is a non-fiction reference book published by Million Publishing. Similar to books such as Transformers Generations it is a visual history of the Machine Robo franchise, from its' launch in 1982 until the publishing date. It is in Japanese but heavily slanted towards photographs of toys, design concept art and the like, meaning even if you can't read a word it's a treat.

Content[edit | edit source]

  • Chapter 1: Machine Robo 1982-1986
  • Chapter 2: Machine Robo 1986-2001
  • Design Works, Part 1
    • Sketches and artwork for various unreleased and/or unproduced toys.
  • Chapter 3: Machine Robo 2002-2005
  • International Market
  • Chapter 4: Machine Robo Official Documents
    • Black & white interviews and notes.
  • Design Works, Part 2
    • Black & white sketches and artwork for various unreleased and/or unproduced toys.
  • Timeline
    • Black & white history.

DVD[edit | edit source]

The book also included a DVD that included commercials from across the history of the line.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It's worth a bomb now.