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Machine Robo GP, also known as Machine Robo Gashapon, was a Machine Robo franchise from Japan that ran during 2001.

It consisted entirely of five Gashapon figures. Nevertheless it was the first release of new Machine Robo toys of any description since CG Robo in 1993; a much larger revival would follow in 2003 with Machine Robo Rescue.

Toyline[edit | edit source]


PLEX designed five all-new small plastic figures for the range, distributed as Gashapon and retailing at ¥200 each.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Calling it a franchise or even a toyline is a grand overstatement and is largely a matter of convenience.
  • The series was possibly a water-testing exercise ahead of Machine Robo Rescue. Or just a bit of random fun, who knows?