Machine Robo Book

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Machine Robo
Machine Robo Book
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Published in Japan
First published June 1983
Page count 50
Printed in TV Land

The Machine Robo Book was a booklet giving information about the Machine Robo toyline. It was included as a free insert with the June 1983 edition of TV Land.

Content[edit | edit source]

  • "Diorama"
    • Pictures of the first 17 toys in the Machine Robo Series and the then-upcoming New Shinkansen Robo against diorama backgrounds; like many pictures of the sort in magazines of the time the images cheat like mad, cutting up the figures and reassembling them to produce a series of poses well beyond the action figures without heavy modification. The section includes concept art of the then-upcoming Porsche Robo and Harrier Robo (with a blue/grey scheme similar to that later used for the Machine Robo Best 5 Sky Machines set), and the ScaleRobo DX figures.
  • "Schematics"
  • "Play Guide"
    • A craft-style section full of tips for making dioramas, backgrounds and dramatic photographs of your Machine Robo figures at home.
  • "Ideas"

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