Japan Air Lines

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Japan Air Lines, known as JAL or these days by the snappier Japan Airlines, is Japan's flagship airline, founded in 1951.

In 1984 they commissioned Bandai to create a special promotional Machine Robo figure as a promotional item. The result was Jumbo Jet Robo, who converted into a JAL-liveried Boeing 747 airliner. It is not known if they were free to passengers or simply offered for sale exclusively on flights; reputedly only 1,000 were made, so presumably there was some sort of filter. The box for the figure featured a large photo of a 747 passing Mount Fuji on one side, and the robot mode on the other. While the toy was exclusive to the airline for the duration of the promotion, some figures were offered in a Lucky Draw competition in 1985; whether this was inventory stock or a fresh production run is unknown.