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Both the Guardians and Renegades have faction insignia! Though not used as often as the emblems for other warring robot factions, they nonetheless exist to identify the two sides of the GoBotronian civil war.

Major Faction Insignia[edit]


The Guardian (L) and Renegade (R) card artwork.
GoBots remote control All Terrain vehicles
Guardian Power Warrior set (L) and Renegade Thruster HQ set (R)
  • Both the Guardian and Renegade faction insignia were likely based off of the card artwork for the respective factions in the GoBots toyline.
  • GoBots' Guardian and Renegade faction insignia weren't used nearly as much as the Transformers brand used the Autobot and Decepticon faction insignia.
  • The GoBots' insignia were most prominently used on the two remote control All Terrain Vehicles, the Renegade Thruster headquarters, and the Guardian Power Warrior set.
  • The graphics for the GoBots' faction insignia were provided by ToyHax. You can follow this link if you'd like a sticker set for your own collection.