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Hisashi is an 8-year old boy from Nanagahake.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Machine Robo Rescue cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Maiko Itou

Hisashi suffered from myeloid leukaemia, needing a bone marrow transplant to survive. With Nanagahake cut off by a storm, Machine Robo Rescue members Arias Honoh and Ken Minami were dispatched in Wing Liner to get him to hospital. However, they found the boy uncooperative - Hisashi saw little point in undergoing the procedure as he felt his quality of life was too poor, and locked the door to his ward. While the pair of cadets were able to force the door Hisashi leapt out of a window and ran into the forest, with Ken giving chase. However, Jay and Stealth Robo chose that moment to attack, starting a forest fire that delayed Ace, who activated the Fire Team to help. Hisashi was found in an abandoned church by Ken but they were soon surrounded by flames. Ken got the boy to safety but seemed doomed himself until belatedly realising that he was the marrow donor needed for Hisashi, deciding to carry on after the boy admitted over his K-BOY that the procedure wouldn't be pointless after all. Ken was saved by Drill Robo and, despite his fear of needles, underwent the procedure to donate the marrow Hisashi needed. Ken's Rescue Spirit!