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This article is about the Wincher. For the toy released in Europe as Helicopter in 1983, see Cop-Tur.

Helicopter is a toy from the Robo Machine Winchers series of figures.



Robo Machine[edit]


  • Helicopter (1985)
    • Accessories: large gun, small gun, power base
Helicopter was released by Bandai in Robo Machine, and converts from robot to a helicopter of indeterminate design. The toy was a repackaging of Helicopter from Zenmai Kahen Winch Robo, and is a scaled-down version of Robot Helicopter. As one of the Winchers it features a friction motor and working winch in vehicle mode; the winch can still be accessed in robot mode on the figure's back. The robot mode features excellent arm articulation.


  • The Winchers had no faction or even conventional names.