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Grungy is the Power Warrior in service of the Renegades. Created to serve as the opposite number to Courageous, Grungy is forged by Renegade-augmenting Power Suits and their central Spaceship. Beware the march of Grungy!


Fun Publications[edit]

Renegade Rhetoric[edit]

Knowing of the Last Engineer's ship and the Power Suits he bequeathed to the Guardians, the Master Renegade contacted Roguestar with an offer: in exchange for being named their leader, he would build the Renegades a Power Warrior of their own. Cy-Kill naturally rejected the idea of giving up his power, but Cy-Kill had mistreated his soldiers recently, and four of them turned on Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur to accept the Master Renegade's proposal.

Outfitted with Power Suits, Spoiler, Loco, Screw Head, and Fly Trap attacked Earth with the Master Renegade using his own reconstruction of the command ship. The suits gave them the powers of speed, strength, teleportation, and invulnerability. Naturally, the Guardians opposed them with their own Power Suits, and soon formed Courageous. The Master Renegade initiated the Power Warrior combination, but they hit a snag. Loco wanted to be in control! As Loco and the Master Renegade fought over control of the Power Warrior (and the other Renegades took sides), the united Guardians easily disabled their counterpart, blasting it into orbit. When the Guardians remarked on how "grungy" the Renegade Power Warrior was, the name unfortunately stuck.

Back on Roguestar, the Master Renegade found Cy-Kill free, and fled with his command ship. Spoiler pleaded for leniency, telling Cy-Kill he had made a scan of the command ship, so the Renegade's could one day recreate their own Power Warrior. Coup de Grunge



GoBots Grungy toy.jpg
Renegades Dressed to Kill
  • Grungy (GoBot, 1985)
    • Renegade Armored Robot
    • Parts: 1 Spaceship, 4 Power Suits, 2 Feet, 2 Fists, 1 Blaster
The Grungy Power Warrior set includes all components necessary to complete the Power Warrior. The four Power Suits are also sold individually, as is the Spaceship. Each Power Suit can be worn by different Renegade figures (compatibility varies for each model of suit). The Power Ship can also store a fifth Renegade figure. The Power Suits and spaceship link up like a traditional Scramble City combiner.