GoBots: Mighty Robots, Mighty Vehicles Sticker Fun (Leader-1 and Cy-Kill cover)

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GoBot Sticker Fun Leader-1 Cy-Kill cover.jpg
Seems familiar, yet different.
Publisher Western Publishing Company
First published 1985
Page count 12?
Price 99¢

GoBots Mighty Robots Mighty Vehicles Sticker Fun is a sticker activity book.

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Guardians Renegades


  • Three pages of collector cards, with directions to cut out and trade.
  • Make your own action adventure! A nearly blank page to arrange stickers any way you wanted.
  • Masterful Maze: a maze with multiple paths and points for passing specific parts.
  • Friends or enemies? Crossword puzzle.
  • Double-take color-by-number: are these characters friends or foes?
  • Command Center and Zod Monster games.


  • On the first page of collector cards, one is supposed to be Dumper according to the back of the card; however, there was no sticker of Dumper included. The leftover one in his place was Crain Brain.
  • The answer on the color by number page is incorrect; someone mixed up Baron Von Joy and Bug Bite's vehicle forms.