GoBots: Mighty Robots, Mighty Vehicles A Big Color/Activity Book

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Big ColorActivity Book cover.jpg
Psycho is on more pages of this than he was in seconds of the whole cartoon.
Publisher Western Publishing Company
First published 1985
Page count 64
Price 99¢

GoBots: Mighty Robots, Mighty Vehicles A Big Color/Activity Book is exactly what it says on the cover.


Cy-Kill is captured and quickly escapes. Enemy GoBots go to Earth, Friendly GoBots follow, Zod appears, Enemies are captured.

Featured characters[edit]

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Guardians Renegades


  • A maze where the goal is to bring the captured Cy-Kill to the Command Center while avoiding the Renegades.
  • A game where players draw lines to claim squares, earning points for squares containing GoBots and losing points for empty squares.
  • Connect the dots Command Center.
  • Find the hidden Renegades.
  • A "Race for Earth" game.
  • An origami UFO.
  • A "computer map" finding a path with numbers.
  • Draw lines from GoBots to their silhouettes.
  • A coded message to decipher.
  • "Spot the differences" pictures labelled "GoBots in Disguise"
  • Color in the one-dot spaces to reveal the hidden GoBot. (It's Cop-Tur.)
  • A "close your eyes and touch the page" game.
  • An optical illusion that's supposed to make an image of Leader-1 appear.
  • Another maze, leading Geeper-Creeper and Tank (misnamed as Destroyer) into Road Ranger's trap.
  • A word search with the Renegades' names. Crain Brain, Screw Head, Spoiler, and Bug Bite are words in the search, but not pictured anywhere in the book.
  • Connect the dots Zod.
  • Another "close your eyes and touch the page" game.
  • Find the things wrong with this picture. One is that the sign for GoBot Burger is upside down.
  • Draw what you think Psycho and Cop-Tur see.
  • Find Loco. He looks slightly different from the other three engines.
  • Follow the directions to spell the message with your path.
  • Another square-claiming game.
  • A crossword puzzle.


  • It's called "A Big Color/Activity Book" on the cover, but "A Color and Activity Book" on the copyright page.
  • Most of the pictures and some of the activities follow a basic story, but there's a random picture of Thruster in between Cy-Kill being captured and brought in.