Dome 7

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Dome 7 is a structure on GoBotron containing a Modifier.


Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit]

After gathering the pieces of Leader-1 following his Disassembly, the Last Engineer identified Dome 7 as containing a Modifier with the parts needed. Setting out with Turbo, [[Sparky], Scooter, Matt Hunter, A.J. Foster and Nick Burns, he found Slicks and Geeper-Creeper on guard outside. The trio of Guardians led them away before knocking them out, though the pair were able to summon help from a passing Thruster. Meanwhile the Last Engineer and the humans sneaked inside Dome 7; he found Loco on guard inside but easily blasted him before finding the parts. Meanwhile BuggyMan arrived and began chasing Scooter, requiring Sparky to break off and help him. The Last Engineer and Turbo were able to escape back underground with the parts, and eventually repair Leader-1. The Fall of GoBotron