Cop-Tur the Genius

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Renegade Rhetoric is a virtual continuation of Challenge of the GoBots via text stories.
Renegade Rhetoric Episode 15
Cy-Kill's presented order
"Cop-Tur the Genius"
Publisher Fun Publications
First published October 17, 2015
Written by Jim Sorenson

Cop-Tur becomes super-intelligent. Sorr-ryyy!


From the Command Center, Leader-1 made contact with UNECOM and discussed the new device they had created to boost intelligence. Sky-Jack had tapped into their transmissions, however, and reported this news back to Cy-Kill. The Renegades attempted to steal the device, but during the conflict it went off and blasted Cop-Tur. Now a super-genius, Cop-Tur eagerly went to work for Cy-Kill creating new technology thanks to his acquired knowledge of spatio-temporal physics. Unfortunately for Cy-Kill, a super-intelligent Cop-Tur was still Cop-Tur. He constructed a Gluon/Boson Inverter, but accidentally shot Cy-Kill with it. His devastating Reality Destabilizer went off inside Thruster when the brilliant brute tripped over the activation switch. Mercifully, the intelligence boost was temporary, and both Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur were thrilled to put the incident behind them.

Featured characters[edit]

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  • Challenge of the GoBots Season 2 was a virtual continuation of the original show related by Vector Prime (from his multiversal perspective) and Cy-Kill (who lived it).
    • In realities where this story aired on television, it premiered on September 22, 1986.
  • As an early "episode" from Ask Vector Prime, the events are only briefly recounted by Cy-Kill and not provided a full three-act synopsis like later stories.
    • This is one of seven episodes first recapped by Cy-Kill in Renegade Rhetoric, quickly referenced together in a single post.
  • This episode was named in an Ask Vector Prime post on December 21, 2015.

Continuity notes[edit]

  • In retrospect, Cy-Kill mused that the blast by the Gluon/Boson Inverter he took may have been responsible for his predicament on Axiom Nexus. "The Scootonium Scenario" would later detail the events that led to his arrival in full.