Challenge of the GoBots 1987

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This article is about the catalogue. For the annual, see Robo Machine featuring the Challenge of the GoBots Annual 1987.
Robo Machine
Toy Catalogues
Challenge of the GoBots 1987
Publisher Bandai
First published 1986
Page count ?
Price Free

The Challenge of the GoBots 1987 catalogue was published in Europe in 1986 to promote the GoBots-influenced part of the Robo Machine range. Despite the title - an attempt to tie the toys into Challenge of the GoBots, which was being broadcast and sold on home video, the toys themselves featured variable GoBots branding.

Unlike the previous offering it didn't attempt to pin any fiction to the toys. Thankfully.


Presumably there were at least two more pages; what content they included - if there was any beyond indicia and other legal information - is currently unknown.


  • While GoBots names are used for most figures Sky-Gun and Sky-Spy still use their European names.
  • It is hard to tell if Spy-Eye is mistransformed or the toy's famous wear has set in already.
  • Puzzler is still using photography of the prototype, as per previous European catalogues. The Ultrabots also use prototypes.
  • The Combinators use photographs of the Machine Robo Double Machine Robo rather than the modified Robo Machine toys.
  • A packaged European version of Thruster has yet to surface; neither have Robo Machine versions of the smaller Bio Robo, the Bio Man pilots or Daileon.
  • A note on the Godaikin page suggests the Bio Man-related figures were not available in Great Britain, presumably for rights reasons.