Captain Hanrahan

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He's the one pointing

Captain Hanrahan is a human space captain and prospective colonist,

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

Voice actor: Dan Gilvezan

Having decided on emigrating to the New Earth colony, Captain Hanrahan piloted the freighter Pilgrim when it came under Renegade attack. Thankfully his co-pilot Kelly Jeffries was able to transmit a distress call which led to the ship being aided by the Guardians, though he passed out when the ship's life support systems began failing. Pilgrim was then towed to GoBotron, where he met the Last Engineer. The GoBeing was greatly impressed with the ethos of New Earth and decided to accompany the colonists, while a strategy was devised by Leader-1 that saw a Guardian team dispatched on the Pilgrim as bait while Hanrahan and the rest of the colonists finished their journey on a Command Center, accompanied by the Last Engineer and the Secret Riders. The ploy worked and the ship landed safely - although the Master Renegade had in fact beaten them there and taken it over with his goons Vamp, Creepy and Scorp, capturing the escorting Guardians. Soon afterwards a vengeful Cy-Kill arrived to battle the Master Renegade and when Kelly braved the resulting crossfire to pull the Last Engineer to safety Hanrahan helped her. After both sets of Renegades were driven off he prepared to settle into life on New Earth.Quest for New Earth