Captain Clegg

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Captain Clegg is the human captain of the Global Trader.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Robo Machine featuring Challenge of the GoBots annuals[edit | edit source]

Clegg commanded the Global Trader for the last 20 years of its' life before sailing it for scrapping. However, on the way Clegg and the rest of his crew were knocked out by Herr Fiend's Hypnosonic Oscillator Module and dropped over the side tied to an anchor so the Renegades could build Zod onboard. Dive-Dive rescued the crew and reported back to Leader-1, but by the time the Guardians arrived the Renegades were completing their work, loading Zod onboard Thruster and escaping. The Guardians were at least able to return Clegg and the rest of the crew to the ship before they woke up - leaving Clegg believing he had merely had a strange dream. Captain Clegg's Dream