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The Cap Pistol was a toy released under the GoBots brand.

For the Renegade Rhetoric prose stories the character was renamed Pistol and became one of the RoGuns.


Cap pistol.jpg


  • Cap Pistol (1985, Ro-Gun)
Released by ARCO, this toy transforms from a cap pistol to a robot. It had previously been released by ARCO as the Ro-Gun RGX1; unlike most of the ARCO GoBots releases Cap Pistol actually featured a colour change, with the blue plastic of the Ro-Gun version changed for red on the GoBots release. The cap gun mode can fire an eight-shot cap ring before needing to reload; the barrel can easily fold down to allow rapid reloading. Like most of ARCO's releases it is very reliant on stickers, including the face. Cap Pistol has movement in the shoulders.


RenegadeRhetoric Farewell Pistol.jpg
  • Cap Pistol did not have a faction or an actual name assigned to him in his original release.
  • Pistol's Cybertronian-style body from the "Cataclysm universe" is modeled on O.P. from the Japanese Prime toyline.