Braxis' Big Score

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Renegade Rhetoric is a virtual continuation of Challenge of the GoBots via text stories.
Renegade Rhetoric Episode 55
Cy-Kill's presented order
"Braxis' Big Score"
Publisher Fun Publications
First published February 2, 2016
Written by Jim Sorenson

Doctor Braxis escapes from prison yet again.


In Zyarzy, Brasnya, Field Marshall Vlasenko cursed the continued attacks by rebels on the capital. He insisted Minister Turov find him a GoBot to defend his rule. Turov promised his fearless leader the next best thing. Turov orchestrated a raid on the prison where Doctor Braxis was being held, freeing the world's foremost human expert on GoBot technology. Back in Brasnya, Braxis accepted the generous offer of work and constructed a Braxis exo-suit of GoBotic firepower out of the field marshall's tank.

Vlasenko's routing of the rebels drew international attention, and many recognized Braxis's hand in it. Cy-Kill and the Renegades were content to sit back and watch, but Leader-1 and the Guardians traveled to Brasnya on behalf of UNECOM. Field Marshall Vlasenko confused the Guardians by welcoming them with open arms, but always dodging the question of Doctor Braxis. When Turbo finally lost his temper and grabbed the dictator for answers, Vlasenko seized the opportunity to declare the Guardians as enemies of the state. A surprise attack by several Braxis Suits disabled the Guardians.

Vlasenko wanted to execute the Guardians, but Turov cautioned they were popular with the people and their deaths could spark more rebellion. Braxis countered that dead Guardians would give him plenty of technology to dismantle and improve Brasnya's armaments, which settled the issue for Vlasenko. The next day, the Guardians were magnetized to a pole and arranged before a firing squad of six Braxis suits. Before the execution, however, Braxis freed the Guardians so they could fight back and neutralized Vlasenko. By the time the Guardians defeated the Braxis Suits, Doctor Braxis had charmed the people into accepting him as the country's new ruler.

The Guardians and UNECOM had no jurisdiction in Brasnya and were forced to depart, expecting the country would get sick of Braxis before long.

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  • Challenge of the GoBots Season 2 was a virtual continuation of the original show related by Vector Prime (from his multiversal perspective) and Cy-Kill (who lived it).
    • In realities where this story aired on television, it premiered on December 1, 1986.
  • This episode title was first released in an "Ask Vector Prime" post on December 21, 2015.

Continuity notes[edit]

Continuity errors[edit]

  • Turov is misspelled "Turvo" at one point.