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Binoculars is a Renegade.




Released by ARCO, Binoculars transforms from working - if relatively weak - binoculars to a robot. Shortly beforehand the figure had been issued by ARCO as View Bot, with the main difference between the pair being the shin stickers being updated to GoBots logos. The toy is made out of chunky durable plastic, and has screws for pupils - which is certainly novel. In robot mode, Binoculars has articulation in the shoulders and elbows, though these are only at a set angle from the body - though this does mean he's good at putting his hands on his hips or ripping off a neat salute, making you feel like the king of some sort of planet of robot binoculars.
  • The toy was later recoloured by ARCO in dark grey, white and red and used as the Robotech cash-in 320 Binoculars.

Robo Machine[edit]

Arco also released the toy in Europe under the Robo Machine brand, with the logo stickers on the legs updated accordingly.


Binoculars Rhetoric.jpg
  • Binoculars did not have a faction assigned to him in his original release.
  • While he did not appear in Renegade Rhetoric or Transformers stories, Binoculars received a new design in a collage of "Cataclysm universe" Renegades made for Renegade Rhetoric. This design is based on Longview from the 2007 Transformers film toyline.