Bernard Minet

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He sounds exactly the way he looks.

Bernard Minet (born 28 December 1953) is a French musician. In 1983 he became the drummer of the house band of television presenter Dorothée, who would also experience some success as Les Musclés. Alongside this he had a nice side-line in recording French language theme tunes for imported, dubbed Japanese TV shows, including Bio Man, Capitaine Sheider and Saint Seiya. These songs are notable for being almost completely different to the originals, being generic Euro pop-rock with the show's name lobbed in the chorus.

When it came to writing a new theme tune for Les Defi des GoBots, the French import of Challenge of the GoBots he saw no point in changing this easy formula, and "Go GoBots" is all but the same song again with the word 'GoBots' in it.