Antimatter detonator

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Antimatter detonators are explosives used by the Guardians.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Challenge of the GoBots cartoon[edit | edit source]

When Cy-Kill took control of the Tramulet the Trindles of Tri-Ceti and the Guardians took desperate measures to stop the Renegades using it against the rest of the universe. As such at Trevor's suggestion the Guardians and their allies retrieved a stash of the detonators from the Command Center and planted them all around the planet while the Trindles boarded an ark to take them to safety. Cy-Kill anticipated the plan and got off Tri-Ceti first, trapping his enemies with the detonators in a forcefield; the Guardians were unable to stop the detonation of the mines Renegade Rampage, Part I and the planet was destroyed, though the Command Center and the Trindle ark were able to escape through a small weak point in the forcefield. The Renegades' Rampage, Part II