Ambush in Space

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GoBots Color and Activity Book
Ambush in Space
Publisher Western Publishing Company
First published 1985

The Guardians have been ambushed. Their only hope is YOU, reader!


The Guardians decide they deserve a holiday and head to a resort planet on the Command Center and stop off for some fuel first. However, Cy-Kill has put micro dust in the fuel and the ship's engines die in space above the planet Fintergand. There the Renegades have set up a huge electromagnet which they use to force the ship down. Scooter steps outside and is immediately attacked by Pow Wow, though Sky Fly is able to lob a boulder in the path of the Renegade's laser beams. Leader-1 is engaged by Cop-Tur, who looses a salvo of rust rockets at the Guardian leader. However, he is able to lead the missiles back to Cop-Tur, who gets covered in rust as a result. Meanwhile Pow Wow and Odd Ball try to gang up on Beamer but the fast Guardian zips out of the way and they collide instead. Not liking the way the battle is going, Breez tries to take shelter in a crater - only for Sky Fly and Guide Star to fill it with gumbo. The Renegades concede and escape, leaving the victorious Guardians to sing their Victory Song in celebration.

Featured characters[edit]

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