1985 Bandai Robo Machine Series

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Robo Machine
Toy Catalogues
1985 Bandai Robo Machine Series
Publisher Bandai
First published 1984
Page count 12
Price Free

The 1985 Bandai Robo Machine Series catalogue was published in Europe in 1984 to promote the Robo Machine range. It would appear to have been produced shortly before the decision to begin incorporating GoBots-originated names and concepts into the line.



  • Due to being printed before the switch to GoBots-influenced names, several figures are listed under different names to those used when released.
    • Cessna (Water Walk), Renault (Slicks), Harley (Night Ranger), Apache Helicopter (Sky-Gun), Battle Helicopter (Carry-All), Blackbird (Sky-Spy), Fairchild A-10 (Tank-Bust), Excalibur (Good Knight), Rolls Royce (Tux), Datsun 300ZX (Major Mo), F-16 Fighting Falcon (Heat Seeker), Zero Fighter (Zero) and Caman Helicopter (Flip Top) were all renamed before release. Oddly Path Finder is listed as 'UFO/Pathfinder', suggesting the change might have been very close.
    • Likewise by the time DX Moto (Cy-Kill), DX F-15 Eagle (Leader-1), DX Apache Helicopter (Warpath) and DX Mack Trailer (Staks) were released the Robo Machine DX series had been replaced by the European Super GoBots series.
    • Megabots became the Puzzlers and the only Power Suit released was Battle Suit; despite the picture of Land Commander 5 the second toy was never released in the West.
    • The B/O Convertible Robot (it stands for Battery Operated) would come out as the standalone Robot Winch Truck, with the advertised helicopter becoming Robot Helicopter.
    • The W/U Convertible (Wind-Up, despite them being friction powered) Robots would be issued as the Winchers, with the Honda ATC becoming Moto ATC.
    • Most of the advertised Godaikin figures have yet to be confirmed as being issued in Robo Machine packaging. Abega, Daimos, Daidenjin, Dynaman and Gardian have been confirmed only in stickered-over GoDaiKin packaging, while Machine Dolphin, Sun Vulcan and Goggle V haven't even been spotted in that form. Vavilos and Bio Dragon have been confirmed to be released in bespoke Robo Machine boxes, however.
  • Numerous toys are represented by prototypes.